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Some time ago, my dear friend rite_of_passage forced me to put this piece, written by her, on my profile before she would put up my biography of her. Take it with several bushels of salt. I am most certainly not as wonderful a person as she makes me out to be.

To know Musicallotus is to love and admire her. Shall we begin with the basics, though? Okay. She is a Canadian graduate student with a democratic to liberal political view. She is a master pianist who volunteers her time to help broken families. Musicallotus has a deep appreciation for a variety of books and movies. To name but a few: the Harry Potter series, Pride and Prejudice, David Copperfield, Anna Karenina and Casablanca, Notting Hill, Lord of The Rings, Dead Poets Society, Pride and Prejudice (with Colin Firth of course!) and Schindler’s List. This is but a sample of her great love for the arts.

I doubt there is a classical piece of music out there that the she does not know, naturally, as she is a classical music aficionado. Being a diverse and well-rounded individual, her musical tastes encompass more than music of the classical realm. U2 is her favorite band, and she listens to such a wide base of music that it would be fair to say that it covers most genres, with the exceptions of most country, jazz and rap.

Now about the great lady herself:

The personal side…
To say she is a caring and giving friend is to underestimate her true value. If ever you are in need of someone who will: listen without prejudice, give without strings attached and expectations, offer sympathy and compassion with real understanding for who you are, make you laugh, give a shoulder to cry on, listen as you vent and scream your frustrations, respect who you are and the things you need, be it privacy or confidentiality, be there at 4 in the morning just because you need them, and tell you the honest truth when you need to hear it, you’ve found that someone in Musicallotus.

She is intelligent, beautiful, has the disposition of an angel, is sensitive yet sensible, eloquent in words and deeds, and gives to others before thinking of herself. Unfortunately she is stubborn and obstinate as she never recognizes or accepts these words of truth when told to her by all who know her.

Personal Testimony:
There were days I’m not sure I could’ve survived if Musicallotus hadn’t been there to help me survive them. There have been times I thought I would explode from the sheer amount of anger I was feeling and didn’t because Musicallotus let me scream and rant about all that upset me. Even when I don’t want to talk about things, she’s there to support me in my silence. And don’t get me started on the countless hours we’ve spent laughing and being crazy!! If there is a person I feel comfortable around enough to be myself, Musicallotus is one of them!!

If anyone else would like to add a personal testimony about the Musicallotus they know please send an email to:

My blogger code: B6 d- t- k-- s- u-- f- i-- o++ x- e l c++ (decode it!)
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